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The Importance of Shamanic Practice in our Daily Life

A daily practice is crucial for developing and maintaining Shamanic wisdom and connections.

A daily practice should have the intention of connecting you to yourself, the Great Spirit and all of your relations. A beautiful way of developing a daily practice is to join in with what is know as The Great Conversation.

I was taught by a Lakota Iyeska that the Great Conversation happens every morning at dawn, when all of the animals and birds come together to sing their prayers for us. If we join in the Great conversation every morning for one month, by singing our prayers out with the rest of our relations, we will begin to build relationship and deepen our own Shamanic understanding.

There are many other ways of having a daily practice, lighting a candle (remember to extinguish it), saying prayers – the Lakota meaning of prayer is To come into Relationship with – to the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, all of your relatives, for the Mother, for your loved ones etc.

Setting your intention for the day, calling in your Power Animals or guides to help you or choosing a crystal helper or Rune are other powerful options.

Any and all of these things can bring noticeable changes to your day and your life. Remember to centre yourself at the end of the day, review and learn from your experiences of the day and be grateful.

Importance of shamanic practices