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My journey into shamanic practice

I came from a family steeped in Nature connection. My childhood was spent in nature and with the many animals both wild and domestic, that filled my daily experience.

I must confess that being in the ‘System of Man’ was rather challenging. I found school particularly difficult, spending most of my time daydreaming. I was often reprimanded for looking out of the window, journeying in my mind with horses and various animals in various places!

In 1991 I was introduced to author and teacher Kenneth Meadows. As I sat in his Introductory Workshop for Shamanism, I realised that all my nature experiences, musings, daydreams, my life experience to date, were being made sense of. This was so liberating and inspiring.

I continued to work with Ken until his death in 2004. The time spent in study with him gave me a fantastic grounding in Shamanic Practices. I developed my own abilities over this time, which I continued to hone and grow after his death. I am eternally grateful to Ken.

finding my soul work

In early 2006, I undertook a shamanic journey to discover what I should be doing with my life. I was told I needed to learn about three things.

The first was to continue with my Shamanic Practice, the second was to learn Permaculture as a way of deepening my understanding of how Humans can walk lightly on the Earth and still have their needs met. Third was to study and practice homeopathy (which fitted perfectly after my personal experiences with this remarkable healing modality).

With these three disciplines, I would walk forward in life with the skills my Spirit wanted me to have, in order to be of most assistance during this earth walk.

I embarked on a Permaculture Course that summer and on finding the most useful education in homeopathy – deciding on a science degree in the subject. Considering my early experience with the education system, this was a rather daunting prospect!

healing from breast cancer

I began University in late 2006 and at the end of that year was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I believe Spirit put me in the right place at the right time as I had access to knowledge and support I would never have had if I had not been there.

Throughout my four year degree studies, I called upon my shamanic knowledge to support my learning, my courage, my dedication, my powers of recollection and I graduated with an Upper 2:1 with Honours. Not bad for a girl who left school at 15 with no qualifications!

I also called upon Shamanic Practices, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Nutritional Therapy and much more to support my healing journey with cancer as I continued my education without a break.

bringing my work to the world

On graduation I found a position working at Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy London. I stayed for three years, loving every moment of acute prescribing and working in the pharmacy with the remedies and clients. This experience really gave me an excellent grounding in my new found skills as a homeopath and I developed quickly as a practitioner.

During this time I developed my own private practice and I began, on request, teaching shamanic practices. These are my passions and I love working with people looking for greater Health and Connection in their lives.


I also continue my own Healing Process with these disciplines and have recently been working with the healing ceremonies of a Lakota Lineage, a Curendera Lineage and our own Norse Lineage. I am in gratitude to the following, and all that walks with them, who have helped me on my journey to date:

Kenneth and Beryl Meadows

Leo Rutherford and Juanita Puddifoot

John Lockley

Andreas Kornevall

Thomas Balestrieri

Rocio Alercon

Sal Gencarelle

I also include gratitude to all those who work alongside the above to facilitate their work, to all of my friends, those who have come in to the Shamanic Quest family, patients and supporters and Richard and Katarina Diss for holding the space of The Clophill Centre and their friendship and support.

I pray for your Health and Happiness, the Health and Happiness of your family, your ancestors and your future generations. Everything is My Relative.