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Melanie tomsett homeopathy and shamanic healing

Melanie Tomsett BSc (Hons) Homeopathy

With a contemporary approach to homeopathic treatment, I offer a bespoke treatment plan that is specifically designed to meet your individual needs. I can help with general health matters for all members of the family, including children. I specialise in the areas of fertility, pregnancy and birth.

I am dedicated, diligent and passionate about helping people with their health, whatever their issue maybe. I strive to ensure that your experience as a patient is both pleasant and empowering, and I constantly review my performance and knowledge through a programme of continuing professional development.

Suitable for both acute and chronic conditions, homeopathic treatment is safe for people of all ages, including pregnant women and babies. It is non-toxic, has no side effects and is not addictive. Homeopathic medicine can also be taken alongside most conventional forms of medicines by either complementing the treatment or helping to alleviate the side-effects of prescribed drugs and medication.

Melanie Tomsett Homeopathy and shamanic quest

I am a fully qualified homeopath, specialising in healthcare surrounding fertility, pregnancy & childbirth, helping my patients fulfil their dream of conceiving and experiencing a healthy pregnancy and birth.

When trying for a baby it is often most beneficial for both partners to have treatment, even when a specific problem has been identified for one of them. I have had success in treating individuals and couples in their quest for conception, and the treatment has also complemented IVF.

A truly holistic form of medicine, homeopathic treatment is tailored to address the mental, emotional and physical nature of the patient’s dis-ease. Homeopathic treatment seeks to address the root cause of the illness, not just the removal of the symptoms experienced. It does this by stimulating the body’s own innate ability to heal itself. In this way, the person is treated and not just the named disease that he/she suffers from. This means that homeopathic treatment may be considered for all health issues.

I am a fully qualified and licensed homeopath with an honours degree in Homeopathy from Middlesex University.

“The treatments have given me more energy and improved my general wellbeing over the long term.”