Shamanic Drum Circle

shamanic drum circle

Explore the Healing Power of Shamanic Drum Circles

Dive into the rhythmic heart of Shamanism with Melanie Tomsett’s Shamanic Drum Circle, a sanctuary where the ancient beats of the shamanic drum foster deep connections with the spiritual realm and inner self. Held in the serene settings of Bedfordshire, this drum circle is more than just a gathering; it’s a journey of balance, harmony, and healing guided by the lunar cycle and the timeless wisdom of shamanic traditions. Whether you’re drawn to the drum for personal healing, spiritual development, or the sheer joy of communal rhythm, our drum circle offers a unique opportunity to explore the transformative power of shamanic drumming. Surrounded by like-minded individuals and supported by Melanie’s expert guidance, participants are invited to delve into a practice that rejuvenates the spirit, aligns the heart, and heals the soul. Join us to experience the profound impact of the shamanic drum and become part of a community dedicated to walking a more beautiful path together.

Shamanic Quest Drum Circle

The Drum is one of the most useful and healing shamanic tools and it can bring Balance, Harmony and Healing to every level of our being and life. It helps us to live in a more Beautiful Way.

However, this Drum Circle not only has a focus on shamanic drumming, but also on song, journeying plus healing & connecting shamanic practices as we follow and are guided by the Moon cycle and the Medicine Wheel.

Held at the time on or around the New (Hag) and Full Moons; times when the cosmic energies are fast-flowing and encourage us towards health and happiness.

Held in a welcoming, friendly and supportive space,  suitable for beginners and experienced alike.


  • To deepen knowledge and practice of shamanism through connection to Spirit and Nature
  • To strengthen ones personal connection to Spirit and Nature
  • to create a well held space and consistent structure for practice


  • Working with the sole motives of Love and Harmony
  • Non-judgmental
  • Use shamanic healing wisely, humbly, respectfully & compassionately
  • In the circle, resist the impulse to analyse another or interpret their experience, don’t compare your experiences to others
  • Confidentiality
  • Promote a harmonious circle, spirits are attracted to harmony.

Focus & Purpose:

  • To use shamanic practices only
  • To expand our shamanic awareness and knowledge
  • To build and maintain our group connection and support each other


Limited availability, so please book early to avoid disappointment. To book your place and for any further information contact Melanie on 07940 878729, email or fill in the form below.


The Clophill Centre
Shefford Road, Clophill,
Bedfordshire. MK45 4BT

Dates 2024

Daytime Drum Circle Dates

5th January 
2nd February 
8th March 
5th April 
3rd May 
7th June 
5th July 
2nd August 
6th September 
4th October 
1st November
6th December 

Evening Drum Circle Dates

11th, 24th January 
8th, 22nd February 
11th March 
8th, 24th April 
8th, 22nd May 
5th, 20th June 
4, 22nd July

August Break
2nd, 23rd September 
2nd, 17th October 
4th, 14th November
2nd, 21st (Solstice) December


Daytime: 11am – 1pm

Evenings: 7.30pm – 9.30/10.00pm 


£12.50 per circle or £60 for 6 consecutive circles (saving £15)

“My relationship with spirit was very active during the course and I then became aware of an important new direction opening up for me. This gave me confidence to take the new opportunities as a natural progression, without the usual fears. Most importantly my relationship with myself blossomed during the year of the course and since then I have become more able to use my own power and use it in a responsible way. Thank you, Melanie.”