Shamanic Counselling Consultations & Private Tuition

Shamanic Counselling

I am available to provide:

  • Individual Shamanic Counselling appointments
  • Individual Shamanic Healing appointments
  • Private individual or group tuition
  • Supervision

The appointments last for up to two hours for counselling sessions and a minimum of two hours for private tuition in Shamanic Practices and cost £60 per hour.

I am also available to run workshops and courses in your area. Please contact her to discuss.

For more information please contact me on 07940 878729 or email

“A year allowed enough time to absorb new understandings of our place in the world, take on new perspectives and have respect for the power of the directions and the influences of mother earth that guide us. I was able to reconnect with mother earth in a deeper way that I just did not think was possible. “