Shamanic Workshops and Shamanic courses

Shamanic Workshops

Discover Transformative Shamanic Workshops: A Journey into Spiritual Healing

Step into the world of Shamanic Workshops with Melanie Tomsett in Bedfordshire, where each session is a gateway to profound spiritual healing and personal growth. Our workshops, ranging from introductory to advanced levels, are meticulously designed to immerse you in the timeless wisdom and practices of Shamanism.

Engage with the core of Shamanic Healing through journeying, power animal retrieval, and the sacred use of shamanic drums and rattles. Under Melanie’s expert guidance, you’ll explore the depths of your spiritual path, learning to harness the ancient techniques of Shamanism in a way that resonates with our modern lives. Join our community of seekers and practitioners at Shamanic Quest, and embark on a transformative journey that bridges the ancient with the contemporary, fostering a powerful healing connection with the natural world and beyond.

Shamanic Quest Introductory Workshop & Foundation Course

Shamanic Quest Introductory Workshop in Shamanic Practices.

This one-day Introductory Workshop is prerequisite for attendance on the one year Shamanic Practices Foundation Course (Scroll down page for details) . The Introductory Workshop offers an overview of the Basic Principles and Practices of Shamanic Practice, including:

  • Gaining a clear understanding of the key concepts of shamanism.
  • Making a shamanic journey (to non-ordinary reality).
  • Finding and retrieving your own power animal.
  • Learning about shamanic tools including the shamanic drum and the shamanic rattle.

Shamanic Practice is a form of nature-based, deep spiritual personal development and healing. It is the oldest form of spiritual connection, and informer of how to live well on this beautiful Earth. Shamanic Practices provide us with the tools, maps and awareness to live in connection, within our own self, in relationship with other people and with all Life on this planet – healing the sickness of separation and disconnection in the most beautiful and often profound experiences.

This one-day introductory workshop is a great way to try out some techniques and learn a little about Shamanic Practice, its practices and principles and how this is relevant and practical to your daily life. It is a day of sharing, often fun and a chance to be with like-minded people. By the end of the workshop you will have experienced  some very useful shamanic techniques to practice on yourself and for others if you choose.

On completion of the one-day workshop you will be offered the opportunity to join the Shamanic Practices Foundation Course (see below)


Limited availability, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

To book your place and for any further information contact Melanie on 07940 878729, email or fill in the form below.


The Clophill Centre
Shefford Road, Clophill,
Bedfordshire. MK45 4BT

Dates 2023

Saturday 30th June  

Sunday 8th September 

Sunday 13th October 


10am – 5.00pm 


£85 per person per workshop

Essential items

Please bring to the workshop:

  • your lunch a blanket
  • a cover for your eyes
  • pen & pad
  • rattle/drum if you have one

Shamanic Quest Foundation Course in Shamanic Practices

This course is held over 12 months, one workshop per month including 10 Sundays and two weekends –  beginning November 2024 and completing in October 2025. 

Participation in the course will impart a deeper understanding of Shamanic Practice and its principles and practices. You will learn how to access the extra-ordinary worlds of the shaman though shamanic journey techniques and develop a deeper experience of these non-ordinary realities.

  • Learn the appropriate use of shamanic tools and techniques.
  • Begin to comprehend our own multi-dimensional nature – Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit – and learn how the intelligence of the physical body may be contacted and communicated with in order to correct any energy-imbalances that may be causing us problems.
  • Examine fully the world around us from a shamanic perspective, using the medicine wheel as a guide in making our own personal links with nature and finding direction and purpose in our personal lives. We will experience for our self the Spiritual Ecology and learn how to work with the Elements and with benevolent powers of nature and by so doing obtain personal guidance that is of value in our life at the present time. We will come to understand through personal experience that the trees, plants, animals, birds, even rocks and stones can be our teachers.
  • Examine how to retrieve information from subtle essences that are carried from previous lives and stored in our personal energy-system and how this information can help us better deal with the conflicts and challenges being faced in our present life. A unique method of past life therapy is introduced and experienced.
  • Completion of the Foundation Course ensures a good grounding in your personal practice and is the gateway to access the other courses on offer through Shamanic Quest, including Shamanic Practices year two & three.

The Clophill Centre is located just outside of the pretty Bedfordshire village of Clophill. 

Camping and yurt hire is available through private arrangement with the Clophill Centre. There is also a range of B&B’s and Hotels locally.;


Limited availability, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

In the first instance, to book your place and for any further information contact Melanie on 07940 878729 email or fill in the following form.


The Clophill Centre
Shefford Road, Clophill,
Bedfordshire. MK45 4BT

Dates 2024/25 to be confirmed


10th November

8th December 













Workshop registration from 9.30am for a 10am start.

Finish between 5pm – 6pm


Early Bird Special Offer £1,050 per person Paid in Full by October 1st 2024.

  Full fee £1,190  per person Paid in full by November 1st 2024.

Installments Fee £1,260 per person by arrangement, full and final payment to be received by November 1st 2024. 

Essential items

Please bring to the workshop:

  • your lunch & snacks
  • a cover for your eyes
  • pen & pad
  • rattle or drum if you have one

“It has been a real joy to learn and work with Melanie Tomsett. She has taught me so many things, but most of all, she has given me the confidence to believe in my own ability. I have loved our workshops. They have been interesting and informative. It has also been, so nice to come together and meet like minded people! At the end of our workshops, I have left feeling energised and inspired!”