Melanie Tomsett - About Me

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Melanie has years of experience helping with general health matters for all members of the family, including children, she has a particular interest in fertility issues for women and men; pregnancy and childbirth.  Melanie worked at Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy London for three years and has contributed to two books on healthcare.

Melanie also runs a shamanic practice, called Shamanic Quest. Here she teaches Workshops, Courses, also offering Shamanic Counselling and Healing.

Melanie began her education in homeopathy at The University of Westminster, completing her degree at the  Centre for Homeopathic Education. This comprehensive education and training has allowed her to use her knowledge of both classical and practical homeopathic methodologies, ensuring a modern, tailored treatment to meet the individual requirements of each patient.

Melanie’s shamanic education began under the guidance of the late Kenneth Meadows, author and teacher. She has also studied with a number of other teachers since, learning from different wisdom lineages. 

My Story

I began using homeopathic remedies when, aged 17, I had the most horrible bout of flu. I remember the remedy really helped reduce the intensity of the symptoms and I recovered quite quickly. From there, I continued to treat myself for the occasional cough, cold, sore throat and stomach upsets.

When I fell pregnant with my first child, my sister gave me a pregnancy and birth kit containing homeopathic remedies. I used the remedies to help with the morning sickness that seemed to last forever, and after the birth for the bruised and sore feelings in my body.

I had two further children and continued to use homeopathic remedies to help with the pregnancy, the labour and birth of my children. Most importantly, I used remedies to help my children with all of those minor knocks, accidents and illnesses from which little ones suffer.

My first experience with a professional homeopath came when my second child experienced mild learning difficulties at primary school. I was so happy when the issue was resolved after a very short space of time. Also, at that time, I had been experiencing severe neck pain for a year. Osteopathic treatment was not making any lasting improvement and I mentioned this to the homeopath. I was given a remedy and to my amazement, my neck pain went and has never returned.

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The incident that inspired me to train as a professional homeopath was when my daughter had a severe and undiagnosed skin condition on her leg that just would not heal. I hadn’t realised that homeopathic treatment would be appropriate and for a year we visited the GP, local hospital consultants and finally Great Ormond Street Hospital. During this time what started as a small spot on her calf had developed over time to two large patches of sore, pustule filled areas. By now her leg was bandaged from thigh to toe and smothered in heavy duty steroid cream.

Because we had tried everything the medical profession could offer, culminating in a biopsy of the skin which did not explain why the flesh of my daughter’s leg was being destroyed, I decided to try the homeopath once more. No words can describe my amazement and joy when, after just a couple of doses of the remedy the sore area stopped spreading and began to heal. Within two weeks of starting treatment, it was obvious that the problem had resolved and the skin just healed up, leaving a relatively small amount of scarring.

From personal to professional

Two months later I began to investigate how I could become a homeopath and turn my very long but casual interest in homeopathy into a career. I had also undertaken a shamanic journey to discover what I should be doing with my life. Homeopathy was one of the three disciplines I was told to study.

So later that year, I began a four-year degree course at the University of Westminster. I loved every minute of my education into this amazing form of medicine.

I have worked alongside fantastic homeopaths with The Travelling Homeopaths Collective, treating festival goers with homeopathy for minor acute problems. For three years, I worked as an acute adviser at Ainsworths Pharmacy in London.

My passion and dedication increases with every patient I help using homeopathy. 

“Melanie was always there for us. She was very flexible with time and dates for the consultations, and always ready for emergency appointments”