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Shamanics and Creativity

Creativity in the general sense of the word is very much about artistic endeavours, crafts, cooking, writing, painting, drawing acting etc. Indeed, these activities generally bring forth a beauty from the internal world of the creator and offer their beauty to be shared with others.

Expressing our artistic creativity is a pleasure for us to engage in, it can be calming, meditative and rewarding but sometimes frustrating and irritating as well!

In terms of shamanic understanding, creativity is taken a few steps further.

Shamanism teaches us that we have the spark of the Devine within us, a spark of the Great Spirit, the Great Creator. Indeed, if we look at each other and all of Nature, we can observe the face of the Great Spirit in manifestation.

Everything in this world contains a spark of the Great Spirit, therefore everything is our Relative and should be treated accordingly.

Having a spark of the great Spirit within each of us means that we have the ability to Create also. Not just artistically through those mediums mentioned above, but every moment of our life experience.

So, what are we creating? Relationships, professions, homes, families, personality, viewpoints, opinions – everything. But how many of these creations are truly our own and how many are influenced by the conditioning we have received from others and the desire to please, fit in, do the right thing?

Are we living life being true to our authentic self and creating a life that truly reflects these things for us in a similar way to how an artist creates an image on a canvas. Is this life we are living being painted by us or others? Is it the image/images we desire to be on our life canvas, or has someone else taken control of our paintbrush?

Shamanic knowledge and techniques help us to connect with our innermost self, to regain personal empowerment, to regain control of our life path, to be our own Creator of our life journey. Shamanic Journey work is an excellent way of connecting with your deepest and most wise self to obtain the information and knowledge you seek to help you on your path, as is leaning the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel and coming into relationship with the Natural world around us from a shamanic perspective.