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Shamanic Practice And Feathers

Shamanic practice places great importance on shamanic tools and a shaman’s sacred implements may be of many different kinds. They many include plants, special stones, animal parts, drums, musical instruments, masks, costumes and feathers.

Feathers may be used as tools to ease us in to an awakening of the whole self, used in prayer, or utilised for protection and healing. Feathering can also be used in energy healing’s, such as cleansing the auric field by sweeping a bird’s wing or a single feather within the Auric Field – the space of energy surrounding a person. Feathering also introduces the element of air into the healing space and is one way of connecting to and working with the element of “air”.

When considered as a component of a birds wing, feathers are a symbol of flight as well as freedom, symbolising the spiritual journey or quest and inter-dimensional travel. Feathers are one of the shamanic tools that facilitate the ability to be able to look at things from a higher perspective and to know that the power to move beyond boundaries and limitations is available to the seeker.

Indigenous people from many different cultures found around the world often link birds and feathers with stories, mystical meaning and in some cases magic. In native cultures, wearing feathers on the head in various ways such as a single feather or an elaborate headdress, may be associated with a sacred connection to the Creator or God.

What could it mean when a feather crosses your path?

Receiving a feather sign can be a meaningful moment.

Feathers have unearthly qualities and may come to you as sacred gifts and signs from the Spirit realm, sent to support you and often instilling feelings of contentment and joy, raising you to a higher state of awareness. When a feather arrives for you, Spirit is reminding you of your spiritual origins and deep connection to your home beyond earthly realms.

A feather sign may be a mindful message to show you that your higher consciousness is connected and co-creating with the universal mind of Spirit. As with many helpers and signs, feathers usually arrive when you are in deep thought about something, or looking for answers to something that may be bothering you.

The following is a pleasant and effective method of connecting with the feather to receive the message it is here to convey to you.

Bring back to your mind what it was you were thinking about when your feather appeared to you. Then hold the feather in to your left hand while you sit in a place of quiet receptivity. Take your time with this opening of your awareness, allowing the experience to come through gently and intuitively. The message my come in the form or thoughts, intuitions, visions etc. and will help to give you insight in to object of your thoughts or dilemma.

The meanings can at times be profound, and at other times quite simple. The best advice when sign appear to you, is to not put any pressure on yourself to understand it immediately. Allow yourself to absorb the moment and sit with the feelings/sensations and knowledge for a while. Feel the elation and joyful state of connection you may experience.

What Different Feathers May Mean

When considering the meaning of a feather, we may be drawn to read about the bird family that the feather is from and/or colour of the feather . However the most relevant answer can often sit within yourself, so do practice the journey technique outlined above.

I highly recommend getting in to the habit of noting down your experiences and keeping a journal of signs and synchronicity’s. By doing this, you may obtain a deeper and more valuable insight as time goes by.

In the future, consider paying closer attention to your surroundings and you may become more aware of the way that Spirit interweaves throughout your life through signs such as this – indicating that you are in connection with Spirit.