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A Quick Guide To a Moon Lodge

In ancient days, woman of a tribe or village would retreat into a Moon Lodge, Menstrual Hut or Red Tent during menstruation. It was a sacred place for women to renew, recharge, connect with one another and receive spiritual guidance.

They would gather during their moon times and be taken care of by the elder woman and younger maids of the village. Foods were prepared and delivered to the moon lodge. Women were completely discharged from their other duties and responsibilities so they could turn their attentions inward and care for themselves.
During this time, they would bleed on the earth, throw it into the fire and with it cast away their pains and discomforts.

They would laugh about the small things, cry over the bigger things and put the world to rights. The Moon time was, and still is, a time of natural Sacred Ceremony for all women, a time of dedication to the God and Goddess and for a higher spiritual purpose and connection.

Moon time is still a sacred time for women, however many of us have forgotten this. The physical act of menstruation allows the body to purge itself of any negativity that may have been collected during the month of the menstrual cycle. Fortunately, this cleansing can be supported in many ways.

There is a great importance for a woman to take care of herself Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. One of the best ways to support our Moon Time is to begin by reconnecting with the divine feminine within ourselves by honouring our body.

Our body is the only one we will have for this entire life time. So let us begin by prioritizing our body and nurturing her. This could include reduction or elimination of processed foods, sugars or caffeine from our diet and avoiding drugs or alcohol for the duration of moon time as these things may lead to a negative impact on the functionality of our body and her energy flow.

When women come together in a circle, we can find support for our Spiritual, mental and emotional well being, along with nurturing and person empowerment.

The Moon Lodge that is run by Shamanic Quest operates on the Monday around the time of the Hag Moon – the Hag being the Wise Woman – it is not linked to the physical act of Moon Time for any specific woman.

The Shamanic Quest Moon Lodge explores the Sacred Feminine within us all, utilizing shamanic practices and principles, other ancient traditions of understanding and some Jungian archetype information so that we may explore and understand ourselves more deeply, connect with others and enjoy the company of women in the beautiful environment of the Mongolion Yurt.

The Goddess still lives within each and every woman, and to nurture that part of our soul and care for her is to accept the divine feminine in each of us.